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New Safety Procedure

A new safety procedure takes place at the high school level on Monday, January 9. Administrators will be instituting random wanding, and at other times, metal detector use, to keep our schools safe and weapon free. Student selection is random and we will not announce when these checks take place.

About Our School- Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to empower each student by preparing them to be socially responsible and driven lifelong learners through healthy relationships and rigorous instruction. 
We believe in making a positive difference by...
- developing the academic ability of ALL students through student-centered relevant educational experiences.
- equipping ALL students with real world skills and opportunities to give back to their community.
- teaching ALL students to be socially responsible citizens of character and stewardship.
- encouraging ALL students to find their passion in order to strive for their personal success.
- fostering a safe, orderly, and inclusive environment for ALL students with clear, consistent, and high expectations.
- engaging ALL learners in both independent and collaborative critical thinking.
-putting ALL students first.