About Our School- Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to provide a challenging curriculum for students of various academic levels with quality education experiences. These experiences will foster independent thinking, promote responsibility, and teach the value of respect and diversity in order to be successful in a global society. 
"Students First", allows the faculty to create a collaborative education setting that prepares our students for the 21st Century. To lead us toward our mission, our school community shares the following beliefs:
Southern Nash strives to develop the academic ability of all students regardless of race, economic status, intellectual ability and physical or mental disability.
SNHS must prepare students to be functioning and responsible citizens in a democratic society. 
SNHS must provide opportunities to develop and nuture the growth of students as social beings in addition to the intellectual growth and development of students.
SNHS must assist students in developing the business, occupational, professional and technological skills necessary to become economically independent in modern society.
SNHS mst create and nourish a safe and orderly school environment in which students are free from mental or physical duress.
SNHS must prepare each student with the skills to be life-long learners and the ability ot adapt to an ever-changing world.