Student Parking


Students, who desire to park on campus, must register their motor vehicles and pay a parking fee of $60. Students who hold a learner’s permit are not allowed to park on campus. They must have a state issued operator’s license.  Once approved and assigned a parking space, the student may park on campus. Students must register vehicles, hold a valid operator’s license, display a valid Southern Nash High School parking permit, and park in a designated parking space. All newly licensed drivers during the school year must submit a completed Parking Permit Registration Form and be assigned a parking space before the student parks on the school campus.  

The privilege of driving motor vehicles on school property may be denied if the vehicle is operated in an unsafe manner. The 1st offense may lead to temporary loss of driving privileges for a minimum of ten days.  Parking privileges will be revoked for 20 days on the 2nd offense. Parking privileges will be revoked for the remainder of the year for the 3rd offense.  Any student who transports an unauthorized student off campus will be subject to the loss of their driving privileges.  (The driver of the motor vehicle is responsible for knowing if the passenger, whom he/she transports off campus, is legally checked out and has authorization to leave campus with the driver.)  Students, who park on campus while their parking privileges are suspended, will be subject to out of school suspension. 

Chronic tardies and/or absences greatly affect students' abilities to perform well in school.  Excessive tardies or absences may result in suspension of your student parking pass. The length of the suspension will be determined by an administrator, but please note that it may be for the remainder of the semester or school year. 

The interior of a student’s motor vehicle parked on the school premises may be searched if a school official has reasonable grounds for suspecting that a search will turn up evidence that the student has violated or is violating a law or school rule.  Storage of illegal substances, drug paraphernalia, or weapons in student vehicles is prohibited.  Furthermore, flags and other distracting or offensive car accessories are prohibited as well.  The vehicles of habitual violators will be towed at the owner’s expense. 

Parking spaces are non-transferable.  

Parking fees will not be refunded.


  • The parking lot speed limit is 10 MPH.  
  • Students are required to park in their assigned marked/numbered spaces only.  Parking tags and spaces are non-transferable.  
  • Students may not return to their cars or drive them during the school day unless they have administrative approval.  
  • When students arrive on campus, they must leave their vehicles and enter the building immediately.
  • Loitering is not allowed in the parking area from arrival until school closes.
  • Students are not allowed to park in the Spring Hope lot.  Athletes and band students may move their vehicle to the Spring Hope lot AFTER all buses leave campus. Please refrain from parking in spaces designated for buses.  


Violation of these regulations or any driving considered unsafe will result in suspension of driving privileges on school grounds.  Parking privileges will be revoked for violation of applicable school policies for 10 school days on the 1st revocation, for 20 school days on the 2nd revocation and for the remainder of the school year on the 3rd revocation.  

Driving to school is a PRIVILEGE that may be suspended or revoked with cause at any time.  If your privileges are suspended, revoked, or you withdraw from SNHS no refund of parking fees will occur or should be expected.  Return of parking passes will occur when requested by a school official.